the word for today
The Word for Today covers
The Word for Today covers
The Word for Today covers

The Word for Today is just for you

The Word for Today is available now and there is a copy for you at our office in Dili. It is also available through a number of churches. Visit out office or contact us to find out how to get your copy.

How much does a copy of The Word for Today cost?

Actually, we don’t charge you anything for your copy but we do ask you for a donation. As people give to us, so we can continue to give to others – that is a Biblical principal.

Jesus said: “Freely you have received; freely give.” Matthew 10:8 NIV

We don’t want anyone to miss out on hearing God’s Word so we ask everyone to join us in praying and to give as they are able.

Your gift today is a step of partnership and together we can spread God’s Good News.

Your donation will not only pay for the printing and distribution of your copy but will also enable us to place copies in hospitals, prisons and in the hands of those who cannot afford to give.

Will you join us?

Every edition contains our bank account details or click on the Donate button above. Perhaps you could set up a monthly gift.

And make sure you listen to Radio Voz for news of when the next The Word for Today will be available!

 Timor-Leste is just one of over 30 nations around the world where The Word for Today is now available. And here, like other nations around the world, it is all made possible by the support pf people like you. Your prayers and donations, no matter how small, all add up to God using our ministry to bless you, your loved ones, friends and neighbors.